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  • 商品名称: Technology of bottled water filling equipment
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  • 上架时间: 2015-01-05
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Bottled water filling equipment for various kinds of fruit juice, fruit wine, polyester bottles of mineral water, pure water and other non gas beverage production, achieve the bottle washing, filling, capping a machine.

The characteristics of:

1, the machine adopts card design and operation mode of bottleneck suspension, and then the whole line movement and reliable function, overcomes the bottle wall is thin, bottle height error

Factors causing the machine can not operate normally, but also greatly reduces the number of changed parts, so that the replacement of the bottle type, more convenient.

2, the introduction of Japan, Italy, the latest technology, uses liquid filling principle of country fixed, the filling velocity is fast, stable liquid level control, non drip phenomenon.

3, the spring flush pliers, empty bottles with track automatically turns over 180 DEG, the internal and external two flushing, washing bottle with high efficiency.

4, magnetic torque is used for screw lid, cover, screw capping function to achieve catch. Screwing torque stepless adjustable, with constant torque rotating sealing plastic caps, and do not hurtCover, seal tight and reliable.

5, horizontal rotary type pneumatic cap sorting device, with the surface of the bottle cap is not damaged, the hopper short of cover signal automatically add cover function.

6, the machine adopts PLC computer program control and man-machine interface touch screen buttons, with automatic level control cylinder, bottle filling, bottle Capping function, and dial the bottle star wheel bottle clamping dislocation downtime, caps are short of cover shutdown and etc..

7, using frequency converter stepless speed regulation, the production capacity of the digital display, the adjustment is convenient.

8, and the water contact parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel materials, the main electrical components adopt Japan MITSUBISHI, France Schneider, OMRON.

[applicable scope]
1: is applicable to different capacity of the vial filling, accurate filling;

2: cleaning use multi washing liquid and disinfectant spray, achieve the purpose of disinfection, washing, can be circularly used disinfectant;

3: gas, electric controlled by the program, the key components imported famous brand products, reliable quality;

4: stainless steel, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

[Characteristics] Technology

Washing, filling and capping 1: applies to 3 vial filling water;

2: and water contact parts adopt physical stainless steel cylinder gear to rotate, smooth operation;

3: insertion type flushing technology, Chong barrel completely without dead angle; 

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