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  • 商品名称: Food and beverage packaging machinery in China will usher in new opportunities
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Packaging machinery imported US $1948643800, a 11.99% increase over the $1740000000 in 2003. Exports of equipment, food machinery of $78717700, down 48.28% from 2003's $163000000; packaging machinery for $278456100, a 39.92% increase over the $199000000 in 2003. The overall situation is still very optimistic, but there are also many problems, outstanding performance in quality. The development trend of the industry in 2005 according to the industry in 2005 the total domestic market demand will reach 85000000000 yuan, the total sales of domestic enterprises shall be 62000000000 yuan, 55800000000 yuan in 2004 based on the growth of 11% can be achieved only. Nearly 10 years the lowest growth rate is 12.96%, so the total domestic sales are expected to process leather 62000000000 yuan. But looking from 2004, imports increased a little, so in 2005 the domestic equipment market share will rise. Forecast in 2012 the total sales of the domestic industry can reach 130000000000 yuan, the market demand will reach 200000000000 yuan, taking into account the new technology, new technology in the world are constantly emerging, according to a 2004 industry output value of new products is only 9.84% of the actual situation, in 2010 China will import more than 70000000000 yuan of food and packaging machinery. Some companies complain that the market is not good, the demand is not strong, and we have a big market is occupied by imported equipment. Over the past six months, the possibility of Spain, Italy, UK peers such as enterprises have come to the consultation into the Chinese market. Look, they China than our own sensitive to market. In fact, they have a lot of equipment we ourselves are in production, but they think that better quality equipment, they are more reliable, they have the confidence to get some share. The severe international competition and the huge domestic demand require the development of new technology, new technology, new equipment introduction and use to provide high quality products and quality service to the market, otherwise we can only watch helplessly watching the market by others.

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