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The personage inside course of study on the future development of the beverage packaging industry full of confidence, follows the direction for the future development of China's beverage packaging industry.

One is the development of the beverage industry to promote technological progress in packaging industry.

According to the research of beverage packaging industry market price thematic depth research and future development trend forecast report shows, beverage packaging market in the future, the consumption of raw materials, low cost, less carry convenient advantages determines the unique beverage packaging must constantly bring forth the new through the old in technology, can follow the pace of the development of the beverage, conventional cans or glass as packaging material beer, wine, liquor, Coffee, honey and carbonated drinks, with the continuous improvement of functional thin films, plastic soft packing to replace bottled container and widely used is the inevitable tendency. Green packaging materials and production process, marking the solvent free composite and extruded multi-layer coextrusion functional thin film composite will get more application in beverage packaging.

Two is the product packaging requirements of difference.

"More diverse products, requirements are more differentiated packaging" has become the development trend of the development of the beverage industry, beverage packaging machinery technology will become the ultimate driving force of this trend. The next 3-5 years of beverage market in the development of existing fruit juice, tea, bottled water, functional beverages, carbonated drinks and other products at the same time, will be to low sugar or sugar free drinks, and pure natural, healthy drinks containing milk etc. the development direction. The development trend of product development will further promote the packaging differentiation, for example PET aseptic cold filling packaging, HDPE (intermediate barrier layer) and milk packaging, aseptic carton packaging etc.. The diversity of the beverage product development will ultimately promote the innovation of beverage packaging material and structure.

Three is to strengthen R & D efforts is the basis for sustainable development of the beverage packaging industry.

At present, the domestic equipment suppliers have made great progress in this area, and have a strong competitive strength in the price and after-sales service. Some domestic beverage equipment manufacturers such as U.S. star in providing beverage packaging line low, medium speed highlights its potential and advantage. The main performance at very competitive prices, good whole line local technical support and after-sales service, the relatively low price of equipment maintenance and spare parts etc.. 

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