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[Shelf Life]
        All products offer a minimum one-year warranty period, if there are questions, the company provides free accessories; special items, can be negotiated and agreed to extend the warranty period other warranty.

[Long-term technical support]
        Long for the company to provide technical support, that provide customers with the best solutions for the objectives to ensure that each system can be a long-term stable operation.
[Long-term parts support]
        All products sold, within a minimum of three years to ensure the supply of original spare parts, such as special circumstances, the company will provide a substitute, and to ensure that the system does not change the work under the original conditions!

[Site service]
        On request, we are ready to provide on-site services to domestic emergencies 24 hours to reach the scene within 48 hours after obtaining a visa abroad.
Engineering Contact:
  Wu Yalin director   Landline: 020-36979903    Mobile: 15918573232